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From 1 July 2017, the unfair dismissal salary cap for high income earners will increase.

The 2017 salary cap figure under the Fair Work Regulations for unfair dissmissal is now $142,000 for fulltime employees. This was previously $138,900. 

For part time employees, the salary cap figure is calculated on a pro rata basis. 

To calculate whether an employee is under the the high income threshold, the regulations identifiy that the following need to be included in the calculation; 

-       Employees wages

-       amounts that are applied or dealt with at the direction of the employee (for example, salary sacrifice amounts for additional superannuation or a motor vehicle), and

-       the money value agreed between the parties of any non-monetary benefits that are provided (for items such as car parking, food or accommodation).

Items not to be taken into account include

• compulsory superannuation contributions that are made by the employer in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee legislation, or other laws

• payments the amount of which cannot be calculated in advance (including commissions, incentive-based payments and bonuses, and overtime that is not guaranteed)

• reimbursements.

How will this affect you?

High income earners (i.e. earning more than $142,000) who are award covered can still lodge an unfair dismissal action. For example, if a high income earner is award covered (e.g. a club manager) they could still lodge an unfair dismissal claim. That could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars!

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