09/05/2014Wage Rates, Awards

1 July 2014 marks the end of the transitional provisions for wage and penalty rates under the modern awards. The award rates and penalties transition made calculation of wage schedules tremendously complex, effectively freezing out the ability for many employers to accurately calculate their own wage rates.

In celebration of this event, we are taking the bold decision to make our ‘user-friendly’ wage schedules for a range of industries, including Retail, Fast Food and Restaurants, absolutely free for any registered user to our ER Strategies’ website. See our Articles section for detais of other free wage rate schedules as well.

Other organisations will undoubtedly want to continue to charge subscribers for these rates. We hope our bold move will entice more organisations to make them freely available for employers.

To register for our website, simply click on the Register button at the top right of your screen and fill out the few details required. Registration is free and we promise not to hassle you with unwanted emails – you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Registering now will also ensure you will be notified when the new wage rates become available via our regular ER Essentials e-newsletter, a highly useful source of employment tips and ideas, and a summary of major developments in the employee relations area.

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