06/11/2015Employee Issues, Performance Management

Insight Report on unfair dismissals that unearths the reasons behind the reasons that employers settle unfair dismissal claims and the implications for their businesses was released by ER Strategies.

14/12/2016HR Infrastructure, Employee Issues, Performance Management

We are continually relying on our mobile phones and other mobile devices for everything from checking the weather to keeping in contact with each other on social media. With such a high reliance on mobile phones, chances are your business has had issues with employees using their phones while they...

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04/09/2015Employee Issues, Narcissism at Work, Performance Management

Over the years, we have assisted some clients who have had very difficult experiences with employees whom they have dismissed (generally before they spoke to us) or wanted to discipline for some reason. In the cases, the employee had set out on a path of destruction against the hapless employer,...

24/07/2015Employee Issues, Performance Management

In order to help you guide your employees toward the level of performance and conduct that should be expected by your organisation, you need to understand the best techniques for doing so. Managers cannot ignore the need to be well trained in counselling and discipline principles and processes...

28/04/2015Workplace Stress, Employee Issues, Performance Management

Do you dread having to sit your employees down to deliver 'bad news' for them about their performance? Do you put off having difficult conversations with your employees as a result? Unfortunately, having difficult conversations with employees at some stage is inevitable. Everyday we have clients...

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14/04/2015Workplace Stress, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, Workers Compensation, Wage Rates, Franchising, Superannuation, Leave, HR Infrastructure, Employee Issues, Legislation, Narcissism at Work, Safety, Performance Management, ER Essentials Archive, Awards

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16/08/2013Workplace Stress, Workers Compensation, Employee Issues, Performance Management

Here are a collection of articles we have written that are related to Stress Leave, and Workplace Bullying and Harrassment claims.

27/05/2013Workplace Stress, Workers Compensation, Employee Issues, Safety, Performance Management

Workplace conflict can sometimes spill over into allegations of bullying and harrassment. What steps can employers take to avoid conflict escalating to unhealthy levels? This article provides resources and ideas on proactively managing workplace conflict.

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30/04/2013Workplace Stress, HR Infrastructure, Employee Issues, Performance Management

While absenteeism is a problem that many business owners and managers bemoan, there is a performance issue that can be more insidious - 'presenteeism'.

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