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If you are like us, you are probably looking for any opportunity to cut down the number of emails in your inbox to only those that interest you.

Our monthly newsletter is limited to articles of general interest about employee relations issues. However, we also create many articles on our website about a range of other important issues such as significant IR and legislative changes, employer strategies regarding employee issues, employment obligations, and more.

Depending on your specific interests, you may only be interested in a select number of those other specialised topics we publish articles on, such as workers’ compensation, anti-discrimination or franchising. If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, or update your preferences as to which topics you are only interested in reading about, click here.

By doing this, you can keep up-to-date and we won't flood your inbox with information you aren't interested in. It's that easy!

Did you know you can also use our website to access a free database of information on a number of topics?

Registered site users can utilise the archive of our articles as a useful research resource. All you have to do is type your topic of interest into the ‘search’ box at the top of our website and you will have access to a range of information about that topic – whether it be workplace stress, enterprise bargaining, discrimination or other areas.

To register as a site user all you have to do is sign up here: https://erstrategies.com.au/user/register - it’s free!

Want access to even more resources?

Our Online HR Resources Services, which form part of all our client retainer arrangements, includes a library of important HR-related documentation. Our service will provide you with employment contracts, policies and procedures, as well as additional documentation we can tailor to your business. You can see a sample of the areas in which we provide documentation on by clicking here.

Want to sign up to our Online HR Service? Or want information about how we can best assist your business? Give us a call on 1300 55 66 37 or fill out a contact form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

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