Ensure your brand protection through our range of comprehensive compliance services

“I would suggest to employers that an investment in quality advice on workplace relations by reputable and appropriately qualified professionals is just as important as purchasing insurance for your business.” - Natalie James (Fair Work Ombudsman)

As a franchisor, part of the attraction for franchisees when buying into your franchise was no doubt the guarantees provided by your brand.

But recent adverse publicity and a Senate enquiry relating to franchisee compliance issues have been challenging the franchise business model. Unfortunately, a single franchisee failing to follow the guidelines can tarnish the names of the other brand partners.

The mountains of employment legislation and regulations can be confusing. It’s little wonder that compliance is an issue – so what can you do about it?

Enhance franchisee compliance and protect your brand

While protecting your brand can be complicated, having a trusted partner who is familiar with all the common challenges and headaches that both franchisors and franchisees face, helps you navigate the legislation.

It’s important to first understand the employment regulations, and then to ‘proof’ your franchise business against them.

With over 25 years’ experience in franchisee compliance, we provide comprehensive services that increase your understanding of the areas of risk, and recommend changes you can make to improve protection.

This helps on all levels: At store level, your people get practical advice on changes to be made; franchisees get more oversight and peace of mind that employment regulations are being met; and head office stays happy with an improved level of franchisor control.

Services we provide to the franchise industry include:

How are we different?

As your franchise compliance partner, the ER Strategies team works at your side as your trusted employment advisors, helping you make adjustments to your business as needed, to maintain protection of your brand.

We have been establishing and implementing best practice for franchisors and franchisees for over 25 years, helping create profitable and compliant businesses.

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