Properly training your management team is crucial to ensure compliance with your Fair Work Obligations.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to ensure that you and your management team understand your businesses fair work obligations.

ER Strategies has developed Online Compliance Training modules designed to help business owners and their management team understand their workplace obligations in a flexible and easy to manage way. Click Here for a Free Trial.

Introducing ER Strategies' Compliance Training Modules

Compliance training modules are available to both franchises and non-franchised businesses and are designed to assist business owners in meeting their Fair Work obligations. Unlike the majority of training content on the market, these modules are specifically designed for business owners and managers as opposed to employees, and provide detailed knowledge regarding employment law in a fun and easy to understand way. Access to the induction package of the training modules is included under a WorkShield membership and is also available for purchase for non-WorkShield clients. Click Here for a Free Trial.


  • Online training including ER Strategies new Australian workplace laws compliance modules series, is an effective and cost – effective way to for business owners to ensure they and their management team understand the complex employment laws.
  • The ‘Induction’ suite of ER Strategies new Australian workplace laws compliance modules series is an inclusion under our innovative compliance service “WorkShield”;
  • Completion of courses can be tracked in your LSM which enables business owners to keep evidence of their compliance program;
  • Reduces the need for face to face training, which can be costly and time-intensive
  • Courses can be completed on any device at any time, all that is required is an active internet connection. Business owners and their management team are busy and having flexible training options increases likelihood of completion.
  • Courses do not need to be completed in one sitting. Users can exit courses as required and restart the course where they left off when they are ready.

Induction Modules

  • Work Rights in Australia
  • Employment Basics
  • Employment Contracts
  • Recordkeeping & Payslips
  • Transfer of Business
  • Work Health and Safety

Intermediate Modules

  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Parental Leave
  • Leave
  • Long Service Leave
  • Public Holidays
  • Notice of Termination
  • Child Employment Laws

Structure of the modules

The modules are designed to immerse the user in real-world application of the topics covered in each module.

Relevant legislation, media articles and information regarding penalties and infringements help contextualise the importance of the content discussed in each module.

Written information is broken up with questions and interactive activities, as well as graphics and documentation to enhance the learning experience and increase learner engagement. Click Here for a Free Trial.


ER Strategies' Compliance training modules cover a wide range of topics helping your franchisees/Managers understand their workplace obligations.

Content written by expert ER consultants and subject matter experts

Built in Articulate® Rise software, meaning the courses are responsive and can be viewed and completed on any device without any disruption to the display.

Courses are SCORM compliant and suited to all LMS. Courses can be exported and supplied in a range of formats including: Scorm 1.2, Scorm 2004 (2nd, 3rd and 4th edn are available), AICC and xAPI(Tin Can)

Courses can be customised with your branding (e.g. logo, colours and pictures) for an additional fee.

Test your knowledge and certification quizzes allow users to apply the information they have learned during the course in real time using interactive question formats. Results and completion are tracked by your LMS so you can monitor user’s learning.

Free Trial

Discover how ER Strategies' Workplace Laws Compliance Training Modules can help protect your brand, and help your managers and employees understand their workplace obligations.

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