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Employee Terminations, Disciplinary Issues and Management

Employee Terminations, Disciplinary Issues and Management

Everyone wants to work in a positive work environment, it boosts productivity and makes the job of retaining talent that much easier. But there are times when difficult staff members can make it hard for those around them to fulfil their potential. At moments like these, it is important to act quickly so that the workplace morale you have worked hard to create doesn’t suffer.

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Vulnerable Worker Laws 7 (2)

Taking a Systematic Response to the Vulnerable Worker Laws

As well as attending the FCA Franchisor convention over the last few days, ER Strategies Director Steve Champion also had the honour of hosting a roundtable discussion around how to respond to the new laws, including how payroll audits can be a part of the reasonable steps franchisors need to take to avoid possible liability for franchisee underpayments.

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general retail award

Tips for Complying with the Vulnerable Worker Laws

The Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James, has been very ‘vocal’ in recent months, making speeches and issuing press releases about the FWO’s approach to prosecuting “accessories” to breaches of employment laws. Here are her top 3 tips for complying with Vulnerable Worker Laws.

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Franchisor reasonable steps requirements 5 (2)

New Laws Protecting Vulnerable Workers Now Imminent

With the recent extensive media coverage of franchisees across a range of brands underpaying their employees, it is now evident that the Federal Government is moving ahead in the current session of Parliament to protect vulnerable employees, by strengthening existing laws.

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General Protections unfair dismissal

General Protections Claims rather than Unfair Dismissal Actions?

Disgruntled dismissed employees are increasingly lodging General Protections (GP) applications instead of Unfair Dismissal actions. Unlike unfair dismissal claims, GP actions don’t require employees to meet a number of required hurdles before they can be lodged. GP actions don’t even necessarily require termination of employment, only ‘less favourable treatment’ by the employer towards the employee, prospective employee or even a contractor

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annual leave loading payments (2)

Does superannuation apply to annual leave loading payments?

A common question that we receive at ER Strategies is whether superannuation contributions need to apply to annual leave loading payments. Annual leave loading was originally introduced into awards in the 1970s on the basis that it compensated employees for the lost opportunity to work overtime when they were on annual leave and thereby earn extra income.
Wistleblower protection 2

Expanded ‘Whistleblower Protections’ are coming – will you be ready?

The expanded coverage of the legislation is - at least in part - a response to the release of the findings of the Hayne Royal Commission into the Banking, Superannuation and Finance sector. However, the new laws will impose significant new obligations on a much wider range of businesses than previously covered.
offset of an employee’s casual loading

New regulation aims to limit casual double-dipping

The Federal Government recently varied the Fair Work Regulations 2009 to allow employers, in certain circumstances, to claim an offset of an employee’s casual loading against any NES entitlements owing to the employee, where the employee was incorrectly classified as a casual.
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