Employee Terminations, Disciplinary Issues and Management

Everyone wants to work in a positive work environment, it boosts productivity and makes the job of retaining talent that much easier. But there are times when difficult staff members can make it hard for those around them to fulfil their potential. At moments like these, it is important to act quickly so that the workplace morale you have worked hard to create doesn’t suffer. Understanding employee dismissal processes can be challenging, but it is one of many important employer responsibilities that have come to shape modern business. Helping you through this process is the team at ER Strategies, with our mix of expert knowledge and tried industry experience.

Disciplinary action
While there is no one way to resolve employee workplace issues, you can save time and money by having the right systems in place. Disciplinary meetings open a direct line of communication between employers and staff, which can be used as a starting point to discuss matters relating to personal or performance-related conduct. To assist you in this process, we offer expert advice on the structure and tone of these meetings, as well as mechanisms that can be tailored to your workplace to better manage employee issues. If you are called upon to sack or dismiss an employee having access to the latest HR advice in the form of our Employer Protection Advisory Services can come as a huge benefit to your business.

Unfair dismissal
Taking disciplinary against an employee comes with certain risks, the most common being unfair dismissal claims. Employees have certain protections and it is important to observe these during the dismissal process in order to avoid costly legal proceedings. To protect your business from these claims, you will need to put in place certain process and inform employees about these workplace guidelines. At ER Strategies we specialise in protecting and representing employers in these matters – and can offer a range of custom-made solutions that will help your business get the best outcome.

Staff absenteeism
Absenteeism is a major issue in workplaces across the country and one that can present a number of challenges to employers. If you have staff that regularly call in sick to work, lodge false compensation claims or fail to perform basic duties, you may like to know more about our absenteeism reduction services.

Free Download: Termination Letter Template

Need to let an employee go? Use our letter of termination template to ensure you are using the correct format. 

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