Your Staff or Employee Handbook will give clear advice to your employees about their rights and obligations and your expectations. This helps create a culture where employees know that issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. An employee handbook sets the tone for your business and can provide multiple benefits.

Do I really need a staff handbook?

A staff handbook will assist your staff in understanding the conditions of their employment, what is expected of them, where to locate things, and who to ask if they have any further questions. An employee handbook is a great induction tool and puts all employees on the ‘same page’ by setting out your clear expectations.

An Employee handbook should be a summary of the key points about their employment policies and refer employees to where they can access the actual policies for more detail. Not sure if you have the policies to protect your business or complete a handbook? Check out what our Online HR Resource can do for your business!

Set clear expectations in your business today?  Call an employee relations professional today on 1300 55 66 37 to get a tailored handbook for your business - not an ill-fitted generic template.