Employments Compliance Masterclass

Keeping you informed and in control of your obligations

Not knowing your minimum employment obligations comes with great risk! 

You are potentially exposing your business to workplace conflict, or even worse, disputes and hefty fines. What documents are you legally obligated to keep? What conditions and obligations are in your Award? What is the correct rate you should be paying? 

Enrol in our “Know your Award Masterclass” today and make sure you can make the right decisions by your employees and for your business.

How does it Work?

The course is delivered through online learning, giving you the option to learn at your own pace. The price of the course is $300. Once payment is confirmed we will enrol you into the course, giving you access to your online training course, using the email address you provided. 

You will learn about:

  • Work Rights in Australia
  • Employment Basics
  • Employment Contracts
  • Work Health and Safety – Employer Responsibilities
  • Work Health and Safety – Safety Systems
  • Transfer of Business
  • Record Keeping and Payslips

After completion of these modules (normally takes about 2 months) you will participate in a webinar, specifically for your Award, during which you can ask questions to one of our seasoned Advisors. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate for completion.

Is This Course For You?

If you are an employer, a business owner, a HR professional, a franchisee, or a franchisor, then this is the right course for you to get started!
Our training is easy to understand, developed in plain language and always up to date!


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Know your Award Masterclass

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