Our Performance Management Services

We assist our clients in the development and implementation of Performance Management programs that positively transforms employee performance.

Some of the critical elements of Performance Management programs we help clients with include -

Online Performance Appraisals:

We have helped a number of our clients implement automated, online peformance appraisal systems that help reduce the paperwork and make the process run smoothly - for an amazingly small investment. Included are hundreds of sample position descriptions and even suggested appraisal comments.

Key Performance Indicators:
We help you identify those critical measurements that identify whether your people are doing what needs to be done, at the level you require. This then provides a basis for reward and recognition, or counselling where performance isn't up to scratch.

Organisational Competencies:
By working with you to identify those organisational traits that are vital to your business success, we help you develop the framework for the people you recruit, what you expect of them and where they can develop themselves to maximise their contribution to your organisation.

Performance appraisals can provide employees with valuable developmental feedback on how they perform against these organisational competencies.

Performance Reviews:
Clients want simple, intuitive systems that build organisational capability. As well as paper-based systems, we also help clients use leading edge web-based systems to automate the administration of their performance appraisal process on a very cost-effective basis.

Training Programs and Explanatory Material:
We can provide handbooks for both appraisers and appraisees to help explain the process and show them worked examples of completed appraisal forms.

We can roll-out your program to your staff, giving you the option of a complete end-to-end solution.

Employee Surveys:
Whether your organisation has 5 or 5000 employees, we can help you survey your staff to find out what they really think about working for your organisation or the people they work with.

Results are able to be sliced and diced to give you views at different levels of employees within your organisation. You can get powerful information from your employees about what you are doing well and importantly, what you need to change.

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