We live in a commercial world, so you don’t need text book legalistic solutions that are difficult to apply in practice. Our practical, skills-based training courses are designed to give you the basic tools and skills  to investigate and deal with issues as they arise - without ending up in court, or in tears! We will take you through the framework of best practice principles, the legal context of unfair dismissals, general protections, discrimination and bullying, and most importantly how to implement the right counselling and discipline principles to achieve positive results.

If you need assistance with:

  • Dealing with a troublesome employee
  • Ways to discipline an employee
  • Managing underperforming employees
  • Firing, sacking or getting rid of an employee
  • Managing employee's training
  • Investigate workplace complaints

ER Strategies can provide you with the practical hands on training you need to answer all the above questions. 

ER Strategies currently provides the following suite of training courses (we are constantly adding new course content on critical areas) -

Check here to Register for upcoming courses or for information about In-house training or public training course dates contact 1300 55 66 37 or register your interest via our contact form today.