We subscribe to the philosophy that most employees, given the right environment, will do the right thing by their employer. This includes turning up to work and being productive.

However, we are also realists in that we know that some people will try to manipulate the system for their own benefit.

For example, using up all their sick leave (like a system of 'employer-sponsored' rostered days off) or using the workers' compensation system to their advantage.

Dealing with the Problem

We don't underestimate these can be difficult problems to deal with. But our experience is that leaving things to fester will cause you even bigger problems than dealing with the issue. It sends a bad message to your other staff, it undermines their morale and your business standards, it disrupts your productivity.

Why Use Us?

  • We are eminently skilled and experienced in dealing with absenteeism issues.
  • We understand the Australian legal environment (we are not lawyers), but we are above all else practical, pragmatic and commercially-minded.
  • We have links with medical experts who understand the employer's equation, for when their skills are required.
  • We can put in place long term solutions to stop the issue reappearing.

We can't remember an absentee problem where there was nothing that could be done to get a better result. In fact, we generally get excellent results for our client employers.

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