Being lumbered with an employee who just doesn’t fit, doesn't follow rules and doesn't perform can seem like a nightmare for employers.

We’ve all heard the radio ads from law firms encouraging people to sue hapless employers. With all the new employee protection laws, knowing what to do and how to do it seems like a walk in a minefield.

With unresolved workplace disputes, the morale of other employees suffers. So while you know you have to act, the worry and doubt prevents you - it's not as if you are doing this every day.

Thankfully, you can access ER Strategies with our Employer Protection Advisory Services.

Unfair Dismissals:

We can represent your interests at all levels, defending you from attack and providing you with the best chance of a successful outcome.

You can find out more on Unfair dismissal claims with our Insight Report.


Note: we are a specialised consultancy that only represents EMPLOYERS, not employees. If you are an employee and have a concern about the circumstances surrounding your dismissal, we suggest you contact your union or a lawyer specialising in representing employees.

Disciplinary Discussions:

We can guide you through the processes & structure of the disciplinary interview. As well as responding to problems as they arise, we can also assist you to put in place mechanisms to minimise the threat of them arising in the first place.

We aren't text book academics, but we do know following certain processes can minimise your risks, whilst achieving a fairer outcome for all concerned.

Other Staff Problems - Our Services

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Dealing with Staff Absenteeism:

Do you have problems with Absenteeism? Dodgy workers compensation claims? Click here for more information about our absenteeism reduction services.

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