Dealing with employee relations is like walking through a minefield.

You never know what issues you'll be facing and many seem to happen at the worst possible time. For most organisations, employee conflict is irregular and so not part of your daily work. Therefore you don't always know what to do or the questions to ask when seeking solutions.

Our expertise is in providing practical solutions that lower your stress and minimise further damage.

We Listen

We ask calm and objective questions at a time when you are under pressure.

Cookie-cutter solutions are useless because every workplace conflict is unique. Our questions clarify the real issues you are facing - including those that are well buried and seemingly unrelated. This leads to solutions that are built on our decades of experience.

And unlike lawyers, we don't provide a hundred confusing alternatives. We dig out the underlying problems, provide the right solutions and ensure further issues are prevented.

We Understand Your Situation

We start by understanding your business and then the underlying causes of the particular conflict - the result is practical and pragmatic solutions.

Steering you through the minefield of workplace conflict, we recommend the best solution for you.

Above all else, we are here to help because we understand the stress and the pressure that accompanies it. We take that away and leave only practical solutions, and we also help prevent further problems.

We Prevent Further Issues

Unfortunately, you can't stop workplace conflict forever, and some conflict is even productive. However, there are steps you can take to prevent unproductive conflict situations which are difficult to resolve.

Our retainer-based model means we advise you right from the start. Talk to workplace conflict professionals who have the experience to guide you, before you act. We also make sure you act to prevent further issues yourself, by giving you the best preventative tools.

Visit our How We Have Helped Our Clients page for some recent examples of what we do.