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Regardless of the size of your organisation, ever changing employment law can pose great risk to your business.
Whether you are an experienced HR professional, a franchisor, a small business owner or a senior manager, staying on top of these changes and taking appropriate action to ensure you are compliant with current legislation, is a big task and a somewhat never-ending story. Add the complexities of workplace conflict to the mix, and the Employment / Industrial Relations is certainly not an easy landscape to navigate. 

ER Strategies is your trusted partner in working towards compliance and creating a fair and productive workplace. We support you in maintaining employment compliance and help navigate tricky issues as they arise to ensure that your employees stay motivated and productive to enable your business to grow and succeed.

Tailored Support & Advice for Employers

HR Profesionals
Senior Managers
Business Owners


New legislation introduced in 2017 Fair Work Amendment (Vulnerable Worker Law) stipulates that the franchisor can be held liable for the wrong doing of the franchisee. 

This change in legislation poses significant risk to your business. 

Hefty fines are only the tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, bad press and subsequent brand damage will make you less attractive to new franchisees and customers.

ER Strategies has devised a comprehensive suite of services that helps you work towards meeting your reasonable steps requirements, to protect your business.  

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Industrial Relations-and HR Professional female employee

HR Professionals

ER Strategies understands the importance of promoting a fair and harmonious work environment for the benefit of both, you as the employer and your employees. We also understand that achieving compliance surrounding the conduct of your employees is even more challenging, due to the sheer complexity of employment law.

We help to ensure minimal disruption to productivity and nurture brand loyalty within the organisation. A happy workplace is a productive one! 

We support you in making appropriate decisions with tailored advice to protect your brand and encourage a cohesive work environment. 

Our combination of advisory services, education, and reporting, will ensure that you have access to all the tools you need to make the right decisions for your business and by your employees.

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Senior Managers

ER Strategies recognises that managing employment relations obligations can be time consuming and challenging.  We understand that your staff are an essential asset to your business and that you strive to foster a harmonious work environment to build a trusted team which can maintain optimal productivity.

To support your Employment/Industrial Relations compliance requirements and minimise issues that may cause disruption, we offer a suite of services that include reporting, advisory services, training and access to online resources.

We save you valuable time by supporting you in navigating issues that arise and implementing preventive measures.

We arm you with reliable knowledge and support to move your business from being reactive to issues to being proactive in your ER/IR strategy.

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Business Owners

Spending time and energy on sorting through ER/IR related issues and legislation is frustrating and it takes your focus away from working on your business, damaging your bottom line.

ER Strategies understands that balancing business owner responsibilities and employer responsibilities are two completely different areas.

You can either try to balance both and accept the risk of making uninformed decisions that could leave you with disputes and brand damage, or you can leave the employment compliance side of your business up to us.

Our fixed price solutions include advisory services and access to online resources which support you by empowering you to make the right decisions for your business and by your employees, protecting your brand’s integrity and fostering trust and productivity within the workplace. 

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Maximise Productivity & Minimise Disruption at Work

With tailored Employment and Industrial Relations Advice for your workplace 


We take the time to listen and understand your business and conduct an in-depth assessment that uncovers your current compliance status. This allows us to give you practical advice that will support growth and foster a harmonious and productive environment within the current legislation.


Our team offers support, guidance and representation to ensure that employment law related disputes are avoided or resolved efficiently and appropriately so you can continue to do what you do best.


We believe that the prevention of compliance issues is a better option than being reactive to ER / IR emergencies! That's why we offer proactive and practical compliance strategies and educate your network and managers to avoid issues that may potentially compromise your business.


Our online and telephone support options are tools business leaders utilise to make the right decisions. We ensure you always have access to the most up to date information for everything employment law related that applies to your business.

HR Advice Professional reading Fair Work Legislation

Emergency Advice For ER / IR Issues

Are you dealing with a workplace issue that requires you to act or make a decision quickly? Do you require expert advice on how to practically handle the situation whilst being compliant with employment law? 

Book one of our advisors for a 30-minute consultation to make sure you have everything you need to make the right decision for your business and by your employees.