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In the ever-evolving landscape of Australian employment law, staying informed and educated isn’t just an advantage for organisations, it is a necessity. At ER Strategies, we understand that compliance isn’t just a box to tick, it’s the backbone of a thriving, responsible workplace. Whether you are an employer trying to educate your employees or yourself, our training programs can empower you with knowledge and confidence.

How We Help

It’s crucial to ensure that you, your management team and franchisees understand your businesses fair work obligations. ER Strategies has developed Online Compliance Training modules designed to help business owners, Franchisors, Franchisees and HR Professionals understand their workplace obligations in a flexible and easy to manage way.

Our employment compliance training modules are available to both franchises and non-franchised businesses and are designed to assist business owners in meeting their Fair Work obligations.

Unlike the majority of training content on the market, these modules are specifically designed for business owners and managers as opposed to employees and provide detailed knowledge regarding employment law in a fun and easy to understand way.

The modules are designed to immerse the user in real-world application of the topics covered in each module.

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Online Training

ER Strategies has developed a comprehensive suite of employment compliance training courses, specifically designed to assist business owners and their managers, and now their employees, in meeting their employment compliance obligations.

The courses are designed to immerse the user in real-world application of the topics covered in each module. Relevant legislation, media articles and information regarding penalties and infringements help contextualise the importance of the content discussed in each of the courses.

Want more than just the ERS Academy? Take a look at our WorkShield bundles designed to protect your business.

There are numerous courses for all levels of understanding, from induction to advanced. Some of these include:

– Work Rights in Australia
– Employment Contracts
– WH&S Employer Responsibilities

Additionally, there are also a number of courses designed for employees and educating them on their rights in the workplace and training on discrimination, bullying and sexual harssment.

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