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annual leave loading payments (2)

Does superannuation apply to annual leave loading payments?

A common question that we receive at ER Strategies is whether superannuation contributions need to apply to annual leave loading payments. Annual leave loading was originally introduced into awards in the 1970s on the basis that it compensated employees for the lost opportunity to work overtime when they were on annual leave and thereby earn extra income.

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Employee Terminations, Disciplinary Issues and Management

Employee Terminations, Disciplinary Issues and Management

Everyone wants to work in a positive work environment, it boosts productivity and makes the job of retaining talent that much easier. But there are times when difficult staff members can make it hard for those around them to fulfil their potential. At moments like these, it is important to act quickly so that the workplace morale you have worked hard to create doesn’t suffer.

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offset of an employee’s casual loading

New regulation aims to limit casual double-dipping

The Federal Government recently varied the Fair Work Regulations 2009 to allow employers, in certain circumstances, to claim an offset of an employee’s casual loading against any NES entitlements owing to the employee, where the employee was incorrectly classified as a casual.

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Q&A – Changes to Restaurant Industry Award

The changes are complex and will take some time for employers in the Restaurant Industry to fully absorb and get used to. We have been fielding questions from various clients regarding how the new provisions apply to their businesses and we have assembled the questions and answers below from that source, as well as adding some of our own.

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Franchisor reasonable steps requirements 1

FWO issues Franchisor guidelines on ‘Reasonable Steps’

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) – the independent statutory body responsible for enforcing compliance with workplace laws and education - has recently published a resource for franchisors providing guidance on their responsibilities and practical steps that they can implement to comply with the 'reasonable steps' requirements.
Vulnerable Worker Laws 6 (2)

Update on Enforcement of the New Vulnerable Worker Laws

Our General Manager, David Price, recently attended the Franchise Forum conducted by franchise and employment law experts HWL Ebsworth. The above are all as a result of the Vulnerable Worker laws, imposing liability on franchisors (and holding companies) for breaches by franchisees, subject to a defence by the franchisor that it took ‘reasonable steps’ to avoid the breaches occurring.

All Employers Affected by New Vulnerable Worker Laws

Major Changes The new Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Act 2017 introduced some major changes that affect all employers, not just the franchise sector where underpayment scandals led to the new legislation.
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