Letter of Termination Template

Need to let an employee go? Use our letter of termination template to ensure you are using the correct format.

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Invitation for Disciplinary Interview Template

Make sure you are providing the right documents to your employee, download our invitation template for a disciplinary interview.

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Interview Record Template

ER Strategies’ interview record can be used for both performance management and counselling and discipline discussions.

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Notice to attend a Performance Interview Template

Providing notice to attend a performance management meeting to an employee is an important step in the performance management process.

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Wage Schedules

Wondering whether you are paying your staff the right rates? Download our easy to read wage schedule for your award and find out.

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Compliance Risk Assessment

We have developed an exclusive risk assessment that will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete and will flag up potential employment compliance risk areas, enabling you to make pro-active decisions.

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