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Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Template

Ensure that your business is ready for the rollout of the COVID-19 Vaccine in Australia.

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Payroll Audit & Compliance Review 2022

Payroll compliance can quickly become a large issue within a business if left unattended to. In this report we go through the findings from our payroll audits as well as trends in the industry and reports from relevant regulatory bodies like the FWO.

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Invitation for Disciplinary Interview Template

Make sure you are providing the right documents to your employee, download our invitation template for a disciplinary interview.

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Interview Record Template

ER Strategies’ interview record can be used for both performance management and counselling and discipline discussions.

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Notice to attend a Performance Interview Template

Providing notice to attend a performance management meeting to an employee is an important step in the performance management process.

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Wage Schedules

Wondering whether you are paying your staff the right rates? Download our easy to read wage schedule for your award and find out.

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Compliance Risk Assessment

We have developed an exclusive risk assessment that will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete and will flag up potential employment compliance risk areas, enabling you to make pro-active decisions.

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Letter of Termination Template

Need to let an employee go? Use our letter of termination template to ensure you are using the correct format.

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Whistleblower Policy Template

Public and large proprietary companies have a legal obligation to have a Whistleblower Policy implemented within the business. Take a look at ER Strategies’ Whistleblower Policy Template that you can adapt to your business. 

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Underpayment Checklist

Underpaying your employees can have huge implications on your business, not to mention the impacts it has on the employees themselves. Here is a checklist you can use to assist your business.

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Casual Employment Reform Guide

As the Australian government has moved to implement legislation to reform casual employment, businesses that engage casuals need to adapt to the new legislation. Take a look at our Interactive Guide designed to simplify the changes for employers. 

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Data Breach Response Plan Template

Businesses have an obligation to protect the information of any clients or other stakeholders whose information they have. Having a data breach response plan can make an important difference in the event that there is a data breach.

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