Benefit from over 20 years of Enterprise Bargaining experience

With over 20 years of collective experience, our team of specialist consultants is familiar with the Australian Industrial Relations System with an unparalleled reputation for supporting our clients with their enterprise bargaining strategies and tactics. We partner with you to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge, assisting you to achieve the best commercial outcome, consistent with your workplace and employee requirements. Our enterprise bargaining solutions are customer focused and sensitive to your brand’s reputation and integrity.

We offer a variety of options to support the enterprise bargaining process for your business needs. Our consultants can directly participate in negotiations or consult with you in strategy sessions offering the most appropriate and commercially savvy advice and recommendations, providing guidance on draft agreements and how to vote and lodge your proposals. We also provide detailed reporting on the issues and the agreed outcomes addressed following either a full or half day session with our experienced consultants. 

Tailored Support for Your Needs

Unlimited Negotiations
Negotiations Guidance
Negotiations Intensive

Let us take care of the entire process from developing the strategy to drafting the agreement and dealing with the union and the Fair Work Commission.

You are in good hands, we have decades of experience that you will benefit from. 

Interested in unlimited negotiations?

Our guidance service includes drafting of the agreement and all required employee notices, explanatory notes explaining the effect of the agreement, and stat decs required upon lodgement, as well as up to two hours of incidental dealings with the Fair Work Commission in having the agreement approved under the BOOT test. 

Need some guidance? 

Our intensives are offered in half day and full day sessions during which we prep your strategy for you to lead your negotiations.

During the intensive we cover your bargaining environment, strategy development and bargaining tactics.

Interested in doing an Intensive? 

Know your Wage Rates?

Unsure of whether you are paying the right rates – or even under the right award?

ER Strategies supports you determining your correct award coverage by providing simple, easy to use wage schedules and updates.