Worried about underpaying
your employees?

Paying your employees correctly isn’t just a matter of having the right intentions, most businesses do! Large, respected businesses, who have invested significant amounts into paying their employees correctly, are continuing to inadvertently underpay their staff.

The Fair Work Ombudsmen and Federal and State Governments are moving to increase the level of surveillance on employee underpayments, as well as the severity of the punishments which can be handed down. Employers should be getting on the front foot when it comes to payroll compliance as the risk is only increasing for organisations who refuse to act.

Why ER Strategies

Our General Manager and ex-Fair Work Ombudsman Inspector, David Price, leads our experienced team of auditors. The rest of our audit team has collective experience in fields including Human Resources, Business Analytics and Accounting and we have completed thousands of audits in the past decades, reviewing millions of total payroll. Please take a look at some of our figures below.

Total Payroll Checked
$ 0
Employee's Pay Checked

Types of Audits

There are various types of audits we can perform depending on your needs, specifically, we can provide:

– Proactive Payroll Audits
– Salary Reconciliation
– Remediation Payments

These are our standard audits and are often used in a surveillance role to check up on an organisation’s payroll. Typically, 4 weeks of payroll data will be reviewed in the audit, however, this is flexible depending on your needs.

If you’re looking to have your payroll data reviewed to make sure you are paying employees correctly under the relevant award or enterprise agreement, we suggest this audit.


There are a number of factors that impact the cost of a payroll audit. If you would like to get a quote on a payroll audit, please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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