We have conducted more
than 700 audits last FY


ER Strategies appreciates that it is challenging to monitor the actions of your franchisees and that transparency and visibility are priorities for you to ensure your brand equity is protected. The recently introduced Fair Work Amendment (Vulnerable Worker Law) stipulates that franchisors may be held accountable for misconduct of franchisees unless the franchisor can demonstrate reasonable steps have been taken towards education and prevention of such breaches. 

ER Strategies has launched an independent external audit service to review store-level compliance for businesses as a risk management initiative to help prevent hefty fines and potential damaging publicity that may arise from non-compliance.

Our experienced team of auditors is led by ex-Fair Work Ombudsman Inspector David Price, with our audit team having collective experience in fields including Human Resources, Police Investigations and Accounting.

We offer 3 types of audits

Payroll Audit
Franchisee Self-Audit
HR Audit

Our audit service is conducted to determine payroll compliance and involves detailed consultation with you to determine the key areas of concern. We provide you with a confidential report that details the areas of potential risk so you can address these issues and avoid penalties.

With over 700 audits conducted in 2018, ER Strategies has extensive experience in this field and can provide a tailored wages audit program to suit your business – whether it is conducting desktop payroll audits to determine underpayment issues in a single store, or full in-store audits including interviews with employees across an entire network.

Areas which will be audited as part of this service will include:

– Payslips and wages records


-Pay calculations

-Award and EA compliance

-Visa restrictions

Our audits can also provide reporting on compliance with independent body FRANdata Workplace Transparency Standards.

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We also offer a franchisee self-audit service to ensure that your franchisees are meeting their workplace obligations. We provide an online survey to your franchise network to measure their knowledge of Australia’s employment laws and obligations, as well as any additional requirements under your franchise agreement.

We cover areas including Awards and agreements, employment contracts and salaries, salary profiles by classification, visas, pay rates, allowances, hours worked and overall payroll costs. We then produce a final report on the results of the self-audit with recommendations to provide you with the transparency and insight you need to effectively administer your operators to ensure that your brand’s integrity is maintained.

ER Strategies can provide a tailored wages audit program to suit your business – whether it is conducting desktop payroll audits to determine issues with wages in one store, or full in-store audits including interviews with employees. The self audit service also helps to determine which outlets may be most at risk, and require further auditing or investigation to ensure they are compliant.

Interested in a Franchisee Self-Audit?

ER Strategies will look at the systems and processes that are used within your business to assess if these help you work towards employment compliance. We look at areas such as how you store legal documents, how your employees record their time, what information is being made accessible to them, how well remove do you know your employment obligations and what does remove does your induction and on boarding process look like (to name a few).

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The first step towards avoiding hefty fines, loss of trust between you and your workforce and damage of brand reputation is scoping out risk factors and taking proactive steps, rather than ending up with your back against the wall.​​

We have developed an exclusive risk assessment that will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete and will flag up potential risk areas, enabling you to make pro-active decisions.