Whistleblower Service

Act now to meet your Whistleblower obligations

Whistleblower laws impact almost all businesses in Australia, particularly larger ones that are also required to have a whistleblower policy in place. However, having a policy will require you to also provide an outlet for whistleblowers to raise their concerns or complaints anonymously.

Here at ER Strategies, we developed a service which looks after all your whistleblower responsibilities. Firstly, we can help you review your policy to help make sure it is compliant with the law. Next we set up a telephone hotline and online disclosure form, both of which are highly secure and compliant with all confidentiality and anonymity requirements under whistleblower laws. Lastly, we give your business access to the ERS Academy for our training modules on Australia’s whistleblower laws, so your managers and supervisors know how to deal with anything that might come their way.   

We currently have many clients of all sizes utilising our whistleblower service, including Hungry Jacks, KFC, Cash Converters and 7 Eleven. Find out more about the service below.

Connect your 1800 or 1300 national/standard number to our Whistleblower Hotline service. 

Whistleblower anonymity guaranteed in accordance with the Whistleblower requirements of the Act.

Secure online form with encrypted responses to ensure they are only viewed by the correct person.

Only trained, senior staff will handle your Whistleblower calls and view online form disclosures.


ERS Whistleblower Package

Service Inclusions
$ 6,000 Yearly
  • Whistleblower Policy Review
  • Whistleblower Hotline (includes 10 hours of call time)
  • Online Whistleblower Disclosure Form
  • Access to the ERS Academy

Whistleblower Service Details

ER Strategies will take calls from eligible Whistleblowers (as defined under the Act) via our dedicated hotline, during normal business hours (Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time). Note that the definition of Whistleblowers is very wide and may include employees, associates and their family members, including those of your suppliers. It may also include franchisees of a franchisor, for example. 

Clients set up their own phone number and direct their Whistleblower Hotline service numbers (including their 1800 or 1300 national numbers) to our landing number, so that you retain control of their choice of service provider.

Calls will only be handled by trained, senior staff and action will be appropriately taken in accordance with the Whistleblower requirements of the Act and our clients’ policies and procedures.

ER Strategies has implemented high levels of security to protect the required confidentiality and even anonymity of Whistleblower callers, in accordance with the legislated protections. This includes the process of recording call details and sharing the details of the disclosure with the nominated contact with the client.

Want to know more?

Free Whistleblower Policy Template

While the new Whistleblower Protections commenced from 1 July 2019, the requirement for public and large proprietary companies to have in place and implement a Whistleblower Policy commences from 1 January 2020.

ER Strategies has developed a template policy that you can adapt for your business!