There are numerous changes to the Fair Work Act - introduced by the previous Labor Government - which are about to commence operation from 1 Jan 2014.

10/12/2012HR Infrastructure, Discrimination/EEO, Legislation

New legislation governing equality is now in place – the “Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012”, managed by a new agency – the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

13/11/2012Leave, Legislation

Recent changes to unpaid parental leave under the NES (from 1 October 2012) include:

12/12/2011HR Infrastructure, Legislation, Awards

This article is one of three exploring the history of industrial relations regulation in Australia over the last 30 years, to place the changes that have eventuated in the context of the current uncertainty in the world economy and particularly the problems being experienced by Europe. This article focuses on changes in the award system. The other articles look at calls to increase the involvement of Fair Work Australia in arbitrating collective bargaining disputes in the aftermath of the Qantas dispute, as well as continuing declines in union membership.

01/04/2010HR Infrastructure, Employee Issues, Legislation

We often get asked by clients about whether individuals can be engaged as contractors. Its a very complex area, with different tests applied by different agencies and for different purposes. The ATO has a decision tool which will help you meet Tax and Superannuation obligations.

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01/04/2010Legislation, Awards

Fair Work Australia recently issues a decision regarding salary exemption clauses that makes us feel a lot more confident about use of salary exemption clauses.

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06/07/2009Employee Issues, Leave, Legislation

Common sense appears to have prevailed with one aspect of Fair Work protections for sick and injured staff members.

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29/06/2009Employee Issues, Leave, Legislation

2009-10 Budget introduces government funded paid parental leave scheme from 2011.