Super amnesty update - December 2018 The Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty legislation has so far failed to pass the Senate into law. With Parliament not scheduled to sit again until February 2019, reliance on the amnesty happening could be a very risky option. As indicated below, until the proposed...

14/04/2015Workplace Stress, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, Workers Compensation, Wage Rates, Franchising, Superannuation, Leave, HR Infrastructure, Employee Issues, Legislation, Narcissism at Work, Safety, Performance Management, ER Essentials Archive, Awards

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18/12/2014Franchising, Superannuation

The ATO outlines that most people can choose the super fund they want their employer contributions paid into, as long as it's a complying fund. The most common situation where an employee can’t choose their own super fund is where the employer has an award or agreement in place which directly...

05/09/2014Superannuation, Legislation

Earlier this year the Coalition and Palmer United Party made a deal which keeps employer guaranteed superannuation payments at their current rates until 2018. Year Superannuation Increase 2013-2014 9.25% 2014-2015 9.5% 2015-2016 9.5% 2016-2017 9.5% 2017-2018 9.5% 2018-2019 10% 2019-2020 10.5% 2020-...

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As widely reported, to end uncertainty for business, the Government has confirmed in the recent Federal Budget that the compulsory SGC super contributions will go up to 9.5 per cent on July 1.

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21/03/2014Superannuation, Legislation

From 01/07/14 employers with greater than 20 employees must make superannuation contributions to a super fund electronically