Information for Businesses directly impacted by Government Restrictions

Information for Businesses directly impacted by Government Restrictions

The Federal Government has placed operating restrictions on certain industry sectors to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Employers in those industries should click here for information relation to their employment obligations.

Employers whose businesses have been directly impacted by government restrictions still have employment obligations they need to meet during this time. Please see below resources ER Strategies has put together outlining the employers obligations, and the employees entitlements during this time.

Employer Obligations during COVID-19

working from home

Keeping isolated and remote workers safe during COVID-19

Working from home is now part of the “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic.¬†

Keeping your employees safe is a harder task when people are working remotely. However, under Work Health and Safety legislation, employers are required to keep their employees safe – even when working remotely.

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Employee Entitlements during COVID-19

Employee Entitlements if they become ill or need to be isolated 

ER Strategies has outlined what happens to employee entitlements if they become ill due to COVID-19, are required to isolate by their employer, are required to isolate by the Government, or become ill during isolation.

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