Develop an Employer Action Plan as soon as possible – a summary

Develop an Employer Action Plan as soon as possible- a summary

o Consider flexible working arrangements by allowing and facilitating working from home.

o Review policies and procedures to ensure they adequately deal with this emergency.

o Review travel by employees and limit non-essential travel.

o Review and update if needed WHS policies and procedures to deal with an assessment of an employee’s fitness for work.

o Review leave entitlements and procedures allowing for isolating employees, including advice to employees regarding the right of the employer to direct an employee to remain off work if they appear unwell, or have travelled to virus affected areas. 

o Review workplace hygiene rules and cleaning protocols; explain and provide signage demonstrating good hygiene protocols e.g., how to cough and sneeze to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus.

o Ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the WHS of employees, including issues of mental health in relation to employees who may be concerned about coronavirus.

o Share and provide access to the most recent and up to date medical advice available and otherwise promote access to any employee assistance programs that may be available.

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