Employer Obligations in an event of an outbreak of illness

Employer Obligations in the event of an outbreak of illness at their workplace

Employers have an obligation, so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure the health and safety of workers. If your employees are required to travel to an area where there is a real risk of contraction of coronavirus, the employer will need to minimise the risk by:

        o Providing relevant face masks and protective attire depending on the level of risk of infection;

        o Meet the relevant isolation requirements depending on the country where the travel is being undertaken;

        o Consider banning non-essential travel when the risk is medium to high.

If you suspect an employee may have contracted coronavirus:

        o You must ensure employees are protected from unlawful discrimination or victimisation e.g. Chinese background employees being harassed or vilified.

Train and educate employees about coronavirus, to minimise unwarranted fear. 

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