How to implement disciplinary procedures in your business.

Disciplinary procedures in small offices

Generally accepted standards of conduct and behaviour make it possible for people from all walks of life to work together in a shared space.

Without these general guidelines, it can be difficult to moderate worker attitudes towards each other and their employer.

They can also take some time to develop, which is one of the main reasons why smaller organisations often don’t have proper clauses in their employment contracts outlining these rules and staff expectations.

Depending on the work environment, you may need to make some specifications in this contract that are unique to your business.

However, in most cases disciplinary procedures will include information on oral and written warnings, as well as suspensions and termination of employment.

As a basic rule, outlining these procedures should start with a description of the policy and then how it can be applied.

These are legally binding documents and it is important to make sure that the wording you use is clear and free from interpretation.

You will also need to use agreed upon terms and definitions so that the employer cannot claim ignorance of the procedure if or when it is applied to them. This usually involves sitting down with the employee in the early stages of their employment and talking them through the policy before they sign it in agreement.

Another important tip is to make sure that the policy you develop does not break any laws or pose the risk of coming under the scrutiny of Fair Work Australia.

While it is okay to have your own views of how staff should behave, you need to manage your own expectations so that they are in line with national laws.

If you are having difficulty formulating your disciplinary guideline, you may wish to speak to a human resources expert.

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