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“We have developed an excellent professional relationship with ER Strategies and have enjoyed working with them. I would highly recommend their service if you are looking for a friendly professional partner with expertise in their field.”

Jenny McKie

Hungry Jack's Australia

Chief People Officer

“ER Strategies are a pleasure to work with. They have a good understanding of their subject matter and have taken the time to get to know and understand our business well.”


Priscilla Longo

7 Eleven Stores

HR Business Partner

“I have always been provided with clear instructions. Every staff member is supportive and considerate of our circumstances. Practical and useful advice is given and we are very satisfied that we have chosen ER Strategies.”                                   

Ryoji Yamashita

Sushi Train Australia

General Manager

We Take Care Of It All

Drafting your agreement

Drafting required employee notices

Explanatory notes, incl. coaching you through the employee voting approval process

Statutory declaration and application required upon lodgement

Lodgement of your Agreement

Up to two hours of incidental dealings with the Fair Work Commission

By Your Side From Start to Finish

We have drafted countless EBA' s for companies like yours.

You understand your business intimately, probably have a great relationship with your employees and you are rightly focused on running the business day in and day out.

So, how do you guarantee a positive outcome for all involved?

By working with us.

The Value Of Getting It Right The First Time

Enterprise agreements need to be practical. The documents must be easily understood by management and employees alike. If that’s not the case, it can cause problems if there is a dispute and the language is then subjected to a lawyer’s analysis.  A poorly drafted enterprise agreement can be a recipe for uncertainty, disputation, litigation and potentially enormous expense. Not to mention the risk of under or over-payments that can completely destroy the relationship between you and your employees. 

The Way To Do It


We interview you at the outset so we know what your goals are. We then provide different perspectives on how you might achieve those.


You get to review the draft agreement, including our BOOT (Better Off Overall Test) calculations and methodologies used in calculating the agreement rates.


We then lead you through the process and do all the paperwork for you, so we can meet agreed timelines for lodgement of your agreement.

Why You Should Partner With Us For Your EBA

We know what we are doing

We are doing and have been doing EBAs (and Collective Agreements) for the 23 years of our existence.

We are cost effective

We offer cost-effective, fixed price services for the development, drafting, processing, voting and explanation of agreement to employees, lodgement and dealings with Fair Work Commission to get your agreement approved.

We have your best interest in mind

We will help you identify your goals and present strategies on how to get you there.

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