How can ER Strategies help you manage your risk?

Australian employment law is complex and constantly changing, frequently placing requirements on you and exposing you to risk. ER Strategies’ service and advice combinations help you stay up to date with information to help manage your risks and supports your business with up advice when you need it, consulting and educational resources. 

ER Strategies are a trusted advisor for many major brands, both within and outside the Franchise Sector, with many of our brand partners trusting us to take care of their risk management needs on an ongoing basis. Legislation such as the Vulnerable Worker, Work Health and Safety and Whistleblower legislation places requirements and pressure on Australian employers to manage their risks and obligations. ER Strategies is able to help you proactively manage your risk and personal liability through our WorkShield service, preventing non-compliance and ensuring that you remain FWO compliant. 

Let us help you maintain a harmonious and productive workplace by managing your employment risk!

What are some risk areas?

Work Health and Safety

First employer has now been held criminally responsbile for WHS non-compliance

Underpayments and payroll non-compliance

Wage theft is now a crime in VIC, including penalties of up to 10 years jail for offending employers

Whistleblower Obligations

Do you have suitable training and reporting methods to avoid the juge criminal/civil penalties?

A key part of employment risk management is access to good advice, training and education of franchisees, along with undertaking independent audits and employee helplines.  Franchisors have the requirements they must meet to ensure compliance of franchisees.  This can be an item that the Fair Work Ombudsman would assess if an investigation is undertaken. 

How can ERS' WorkShield Service help you?

The ERS WorkShield Service is a tailored suite of services which allow you to satisfy the reasonable steps to avoid liability for non-compliance, in accordance with the Fair Work Ombudsman’s checklist. Our WorkShield Service Options can be tailored to your risk management needs, providing varying levels of support. ER Strategies offers a tailored WorkShield Service to help you identify potential risks, address your issues and avoid heavy penalties. 

Work Health and Safety Risk Management Program

Online Employment Compliance Training 

Policy and Procedure Overview

Payroll and Compliance Audits

Expert Telephone Advice

Why should you partner with us?

Join many of our great franchise clients, including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hungry Jacks and Laser Clinics Australia, who use our WorkShield Service to proactively manage their risk. ER Strategies strives to be the cornerstone of ER/IR support and advice for all our clients. We will provide you with proactive and practical compliance strategies to help minimise the risk for your organisation, without compromising your commercial viability. 

We are a trusted advisor for many major brands 

Our team is highly experienced

We offer practical strategies

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