What is the ERS Academy?

Developed by ER Strategies, the ERS Academy is the hub of online employment compliance training for Australian awards and legislation. The courses are specifically designed for SME business owners and managers looking to develop their knowledge and skills within employment compliance in a simple and easy, yet effective, way. We understand how much time and money it can cost to manage your employees and the processes that are involved, which is why we’ve created a cheap and convenient solution.

ERS Academy Features

Built in Software

Online Training through Go1

Come and Go As You Please

Wide Range of Topics

Tests and Quizzes

SCORM Compliant 

How can ER Strategies help?

ER Strategies offers a wide range of courses, depending on your needs and the level you choose. 

Induction Courses


ER Strategies induction courses include information about:

Work Rights in Australia

Employment Contracts

Record Keeping and Payslips

How to Navigate and Award


Intermediate Courses


ER Strategies intermediate courses go one step further, with courses on: 

Flexible Work Arrangements

Parental Leave

Leave entitlements under the NES

Notice of Termination


Advanced Courses

ER Strategies advanced courses are our highest level, including: 

Whistleblower Protections Legislation Training 

ER Strategies has partnered with Go1 to deliver our courses. Courses are available via our fully managed ERS Academy through the Go1 library for premium users or for purchase in the Go1 Marketplace. 

ERS Academy (via Go1)

Go1 Premium

Go1 Marketplace

Employers have legal obligations they need to meet to ensure they are not in breach of any legislation. Gain access to your free trial of the ERS Academy to find out how ER Strategies can help you ensure your business remains compliant.