Have you reviewed your HR systems lately?

Organisations regularly conduct audits of their financial position. Similar reviews and analysis can be applied to the Human Resources Function, to compare your organisation against industry best practices, review compliance with relevant laws and regulations and to identify gaps.

The most common reason to undergo an HR Audit is to review current policies and practices to ensure they are meeting the needs of the business.

Another key reason to audit your HR function is whether your HR policies and procedures are compliant with employment law. There have been significant changes in Australian employment law over the last 5 years – so is your company up to date?

An all-encompassing audit should look at policies, forms, employment contracts and records, job descriptions, the performance management process, discipline and termination.

Our HR Systems reviews cover the following process areas –

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Employment documentation
  • Performance management systems
  • Training and development
  • Counselling and discipline
  • Anti-discrimination and EEO compliance
  • WHS systems
  • Fire and emergency planning
  • Security
  • Record keeping.

Free Download: Termination Letter Template

Need to let an employee go? Use our letter of termination template to ensure you are using the correct format. 

termination letter template