Your business could suffer if you choose to ignore underperformance.

Why do companies need to manage staff performance?

Knowing how well employees are performing in their roles is an important part of employer responsibilities.

After all, the workforce is in many respects the engine room of the business, so if people are not doing as well as they should, then action needs to be taken.

However, there can be discrepancies in how bosses decide to manage performance – some might hold regular one on one sessions with staff members to discuss how well they are doing.

Others might hold monthly, quarterly or even yearly reward schemes to acknowledge those who have gone beyond the call of duty.

Managers who choose to ignore underperformance could see their business suffer and there is also potential for other members of staff to become affected.

A good way of helping to prevent underperformance is to outline in the staff handbook precisely which duties people are expected to perform and to what standard.

It is important to remember that underperformance can take a variety of different guises – it might be that someone is not simply carrying out their duties, but this is far from the only definition.

The term can also refer to disregard for workplace policies, unacceptable behaviour or even a disruptive attitude towards colleagues.

Employers may find that the situation starts with one of more of these problems and then escalates, which is why it is so important to deal with the workplace issues sooner rather than later.

When it comes to dealing with the members of staff responsible, employers need to confront the issue by discussing it with the relevant parties.

It might be that there is an underlying reason behind the behaviour that can be tackled, such as a lack of stimulation in the workplace or an undisclosed personal problem.

Presenting an example to the workforce that such actions will not be tolerated is, however, essential.

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