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To comply with Australian’s workplace laws and to avoid under- or over-payments, you must comply with the applicable industrial instrument and the Fair Work Act, including meeting record keeping requirements and regulations.Some of the risk areas that can easily cause under- or over-payments are base rates, leave accrual, superannuation, penalty rates, allowances and paying employees a salary that doesn’t cover the relevant Award minimum entitlements.

The Value Of Getting It Right

Paying your employees correctly isn’t just a matter of having the right intentions – most businesses do!

There are several different reasons as to why a business can underpay staff. A common error is placing too much trust in Time and Attendance (T&A) or Payroll systems that may not be adequately equipped to deal with the complexities of their employment awards and agreements. Through our audits, we’ve seen countless examples of employers being unaware of stipulations in their Award or Agreement, or not properly understanding how to apply the said Award or Agreement in certain situations.

Our experienced team of auditors is led by ex-Fair Work Ombudsman Inspector and now General Manager, David Price, with our audit team having collective experience in fields including Human Resources, Business Analytics and Accounting.

The Way To Do It

Consultation & Scoping

We help you identify which sample period of pay we should look at to get an accurate picture of your compliance situation and work with you through your areas of concern.

Review & Analysis

We provide you with a confidential report that details the areas of potential risk and our audit findings to help you address and resolve these issues.

Resolution & Prevention

We will provide you with practical compliance strategies which are right for your business, help minimise your risk in the future, and support you with the resolution of current issues.

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