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Here at ER Strategies, we have completed over 3,000 audits across businesses of all sizes, in varied industries, using different awards. Take a look below at the live counter of our total payroll and employees audited.

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As a resource for our clients, and for all businesses, we developed an Audit Report, designed to highlight common payroll mistakes that businesses we’ve audited are making. So, if it is too soon to talk to us about your business and getting an audit done, download our free Audit Report below and see if you can start improving your payroll accuracy on your own. 

Why should you be concerned?

With underpayment media scandals almost a daily occurrence, the pressure on Australian employers is increasing. There is no room for error when it comes to your payroll, regardless of the size of your company. Picking up on potential non-compliance early, gives you the chance to rectify issues and be on the front foot. 

To comply with Australian’s workplace laws and to avoid under- or over-payments, you must comply with the applicable industrial instrument and the Fair Work Act, including meeting record keeping requirements and regulations. Some of the risk areas that can easily cause under- or over-payments are base rates, leave accrual, superannuation, penalty rates, allowances and paying employees a salary that doesn’t cover the relevant Award minimum entitlements.

How can ER Strategies help?

With over 3,000 audits conducted, ER Strategies has extensive experience in the auditing field. We are a trusted advisor for many businesses, both large and small, with them trusting us to take care of their audit needs on an ongoing basis. 

ER Strategies offers a tailored payroll audit program to help you identify potential risks, address your issues and avoid heavy penalties for non-compliance.

We provide a tailored wages audit program to suit your business – whether it be through a desktop-based audit or a site-based audit

We check your payroll systems, general employment, and engagement processes and procedures against the applicable Award or Agreement

We provide you with a confidential report that details the areas of potential risk to help you address your issues

We will provide you with practical compliance strategies which are right for your business and help minimise your risk

Why should you partner with us?

ER Strategies has a wealth of experience in auditing all types of businesses, regardless of size, industry, and type of Award or Agreement. Our audit team is led by ex Fair Work Inspector David Price and is comprised of a number of experienced auditors and analysts. This team has completed over 3,000 audits and analysed in excess of $630 million in total payroll. 

We are a trusted advisor for many businesses, both big and small

Our team has checked over $600 million in payroll

We offer practical strategies to minimise your risk

But don’t just take our word for it! We’ve done audits for 100’s of businesses who have all been more than satisfied with our service. Take a look at what some of them think about our audit service.

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