Ensure everyone starts on the same page with a clear employment policy.

Establishing a proactive employment policy

Setting out a detailed employment policy is an important proactive step you can take to prevent employee issues from arising in the workplace.

Having the right HR building blocks in place can establish a successful foundation for strong employee relationships – which is why staff handbooks, internal policies and procedures, and employment contracts need to be as clear as possible, so that everyone starts on the same page.

Clarifying your expectations

You’ll want to ensure that your contracts and employee handbooks set out exactly what you expect from your staff – and what they can expect from you.

Details such as whether the role is full-time, part-time or casual, the specific duties an individual can reasonably be expected to perform, and any salary or wage specifics are all obvious – and important – things to include.

Hours of work, as well as any provisions that can be made when it comes to flexible working arrangements, should also be clarified in this initial communication.

Other considerations

A good employment policy should also outline your company’s position on discrimination, harassment and bullying in compliance with legislation including the Fair Work Act, anti-discrimination and safety laws – and explain the consequences for bullying or discriminatory behaviour.

In the interests of occupational health and safety, you may also wish to outline a detailed drug and alcohol policy, and your commitment to a smoke-free workplace.

You might also want to clarify your position on a range of other matters, including what is appropriate behaviour when making social media posts or the workplace dress code. Outlining these issues in an upfront way could prevent employee issues from arising later on.

Support when you need it

When it comes to inducting new staff, it can be challenging to know where to begin – especially when it comes to setting out lasting HR policies.

This is why seeking out expert advice can be useful – HR management and employee relations specialists can work closely with you and your team to help you lay the foundation for long-term success at your organisation.

Free Download: Termination Letter Template

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