Have you ever wondered what the point of staff induction is?

Reasons for carrying out a staff induction

Carrying out a staff induction is an important part of taking on new employees – but just what is the point?

Ideally, the induction process should be considered from the moment the recruit accepts their job offer. In established firms, there is often a system already in place.

For new companies, it is a good idea to establish a staff induction program from the outset, so managers can rest assured that their employees all have the same information.

One of the main functions a staff induction plays is ensuring they know of any health and safety issues that may affect the work they do.

Making employees aware of the potential problems is a good way of preventing any incidents arising that could put the company at risk.

If these obligations are not met, then a firm might be prosecuted and fined, or may even find itself losing skilled staff.

Managers also have a duty of care towards their staff to make sure they are properly protected – under the OH Act 2000, it is essential to provide safe premises to work on, as well as safe machinery and materials.

Furthermore, companies are required to give their employees information, instruction, training and supervision alongside a suitable working environment and facilities.

Even if a new employee has worked in the sector for a considerable period of time, the systems and processes they are used to might not be the same at their new place of work.

Providing an induction manual as well as oral instruction will give members of staff a point of reference in case they have any further queries.

Staff induction is also an important part of helping to retain talented employees – if they know what is expected of them from the start, they are more likely to succeed in their roles.

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