ER Strategies’ Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Policy – Now Available

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

With the first COVID-19 vaccinations under the federal government’s COVID-19 Vaccine National Rollout set to take place today, Monday 22 February 2021, employers around Australia will need to consider how the availability of COVID-19 vaccines may impact their broader Work Health and Safety obligations to their employees and persons who come into contact with their business.

Keeping isolated and remote workers safe during COVID-19

working from home

Working from home and the associated isolation should be very real concerns for all businesses that continue to operate in the ‘new normal’ of COVID-19.  A work/home balance is easier to maintain when work is separated from home.  Coming home ordinarily means leaving work behind until the next day, but when you walk from your bedroom into a home office, the lines can become blurred.