5 reasons why we can help you better over the phone

As quick and convenient as email is, we find that it is not the best method of dealing with your questions. We would much rather hear from you personally over the phone  – and some clients ask us why.

Here are 5 very good reasons why calling us in most cases is the best way of engaging our assistance – 

Response Time 

We respond to phone queries first. Emails can often sit in our mail box while we attend to phone calls. 

More information needed

What you think is a simple question regarding a simple issue, we might need to ask 5 more questions to determine what the real problem is. This is much more difficult when it is via email. Often what we are asked is not the real problem that needs to be solved. 

Included service for clients 

The included service most clients subscribe to is our Telephone Advisory Service, which for most of our clients is unlimited under their service agreement. If people want written advice, this will probably be incurred against their consulting time allocation (if included in their subscription), or can be charged at hourly rates. 

Nature of advice 

The nature of the advice we give often doesn’t lend itself to writing because it is about competing options and can be quite complex to unpack. 

Check your understanding

We can’t check the caller’s understanding of what we are talking about where it is an email conversation. 

If you have any questions or queries, please give us a call on 1300 55 66 37. This is a national number, which means you will normally only incur a local call charge if you call from a landline. 

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