Carrying out workplace investigations – what employers need to consider

At some stage, almost all businesses will be faced with a dispute or conflict between employees, or another situation that must be resolved. In some of these situations, employers must investigate in order to make a clear decision on how to resolve the issue. This is an important part of the employer’s role, however, it can also be an area where risk can arise. Here are some important considerations employers should be aware of when doing a workplace investigation. 


Timing is crucial when conducting a workplace investigation. It is important not to rush through your investigation, however having an investigation that drags on can negatively impact on the people involved in the issue, and the wider staff. Getting the balance between responding quickly without rushing is key in for workplace investigations.


It can be difficult to remain objective throughout your investigation, especially if you are involved and familiar with the people involved in the investigation. Whilst you may intend on being as impartial as possible, you can subconsciously be biased towards a certain outcome. It is important to uphold consistency throughout your investigation and the treatment of all involved.


Depending on the nature of the issue relating to the investigation, it might be obvious to you that you should keep things confidential. However, it is important in all investigations that any findings or interviews are only reviewed by you and anyone else involved in performing the investigation. 

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