New legislation holds you responsible for your franchisees

Chat with us today and discover how WorkShield manages your risk from $26* per outlet per month

New Government legislation holds head office responsible for the actions of franchisees. Due diligence has become more important than ever.

But most franchisors don't have the resources to police and audit scores of stores — and hundreds of managers — across dozens of cities.

WorkShield is the easy, cost-effective answer

WorkShield offers a simple solution that manages the risk, protects franchisors, franchisees and their employees, and your brand. All for only $26 per outlet, per month*.

*Subject to minimum annual charge as for 50 outlets.

Discover how WorkShield protects your brand

This 15-minute introduction will demonstrate how WorkShield - simply and cost-effectively - ensures franchisees are meeting their Fair Work obligations — taking the pressure off you.

Franchise scandals happen!


Hundreds of outlets accross scores of cities


Fair Work rules are complex


Franchisors lack resources to monitor


Honest mistakes happen


One bad egg damages your brand

Total management of employment risk

WorkShield gives you a turnkey system that maximises compliance with employment obligations across your entire network — protecting franchisors, your brand and your franchisees’ staff. And it backs that with access to a team of experts with more than 25 years of experience with franchise systems.

How WorkShield helps your franchise


Confirm employees are paid accurately and fairly


Ensure all managers in your network understand workplace obligations

Expert Assistance

Reduce time you spend on employee relations


Minimise time spent on disputes and improve franchise productivity


Compliant workplaces mean less risk of bad media

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