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NOTE: * Minimum charge is for 50 employees

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Discovering your business has been failing to comply with our complex employment laws can be a serious embarrassment – and could be a financial disaster.

There’s the worry of unbudgeted wage costs and fines, costly legal fees, potential bad press, the impact on staff morale — plus the sheer drain on management time, resources, and energy.

Not to mention the simple fact that unhappy employees can cause major problems for your business.

WorkShield is the cost-effective way to get to the bottom of the issue — fast!

WorkShield offers managers and business owners a low-cost solution against our complex workplace laws and difficult employees.

For as little as $19.50 per employee per month, WorkShield helps you to put the systems in place to help prevent issues occurring in the first place, as well as hands-on involvement to deal with difficult situations should they arise. This protects both you and your business from damaging conflict.

Businesses we are already helping include

HR and workplace compliance problems happen!


Fair Work obligations are complex and unwieldy


Give your HR more firepower


Litigating employment law is difficult and expensive

Total management of employee relations risks and compliance obligations

WorkShield does way more than just dispute resolution. It also provides practical solutions for enterprise bargaining, workplace health and safety management, HR policy and procedures and management training on HR obligations — we can even help with your payroll compliance and auditing.

  • Better HR Risk management
  • Easier Fair Work Compliance
  • Smarter Brand Protection

WorkShield: both prevention and cure!

Systems for prevention

  • Annual HR systems audit
  • Payroll compliance assistance
  • Confidential employee helpline
  • Management HR obligations and policy training

Hands-on help for difficult challenges

  • Employee dispute representation
  • Unlimited enterprise agreement and award advice
  • Unlimited consulting for unfair dismissals
  • Unlimited workplace health and safety risk management guidance and support
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