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Employment Compliance Training - Welcome to the ERS Academy Marketplace!

ER Strategies has developed a comprehensive suite of employment compliance training courses, designed to assist business owners and their managers in meeting their employment compliance obligations. Initially created as a tool to help franchised businesses meet their ‘reasonable steps’ requirements under the Vulnerable Worker legislation, the expanding range of courses are now considered a valuable tool for all employers and managers who need to refresh their knowledge of employee relations.

For businesses that are not yet ready to commit to the full ERS Academy experience, we have made the modules available through the Go1 Marketplace for individual purchase. See the selection of courses below, and once you are ready to enroll and start your learning journey, hit the ‘Enroll now’ button and pay through the secure stripe payment gateway to access your course of choice.

The marketplace is a great option for businesses with immediate learning needs, or who require training in one specific area of human resources or employee relations.  

ER Strategies has partnered with Go1 to deliver our courses. Courses are available via our fully managed ERS Academy, through the Go1 library for premium users or for purchase in the Go1 Marketplace.

ER Strategies also offers access to their employment compliance training courses and the full ERS Academy via our range of managed training options. For more information on the ERS Academy and our managed training options, including pricing and inclusions, please visit the ERS Academy webpage here, or fill out the form below to speak to a member of the ERS Strategies team.

Employers have legal obligations they need to meet to ensure they are not in breach of any legislation.

Fill out the form below to gain access to a demo version of the ERS Academy. The demo ERS Academy is a modified version of the full ERS Academy, including exclusive access to some of our most popular training courses. 

Access can be provided by ER Strategies, or a link to self enrol in the demo academy is provided once you click ‘enrol now’. 

Unsure of the risk to your business?

How likely is your business to experience employment compliance issues in the future? Take ER Strategies’ free Compliance Risk Assessment now to identify the risk your business faces.