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Franchisor and Franchisee Support

ER Strategies has developed a range of solutions to meet the needs of franchises. Whether it is the franchisor or individual franchisees, ER Strategies can provide support on all fronts to minimise risk and improve compliance with Australian employment law across the board.

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Franchise Council of Australia Partnership

​​ER Strategies is the Compliance Partner of the Franchise Council of Australia which gives us a great platform to provide support and promote compliance with employment law.

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Franchise Audits

For franchisors, payroll compliance is a high-priority from both a legal and brand protection standpoint. ER Strategies are highly experienced in auditing franchise networks to reduce risk of underpayments. 

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Unsure of the risk to your business?

How likely is your business to experience employment compliance issues in the future? Take ER Strategies’ free Compliance Risk Assessment now to identify the risk your business faces.