Difficult employees can cause all sorts of workplace issues, which can pose a significant challenge to employers.

Resolving workplace disputes

Workplace issues pose a number of unique challenges to businesses of all sizes. From day-to-day employee management to specific problems such as absenteeism or situations that result in firing an employee, employers are often required to take specific action

Resolving workplace issues

Problem employees can result in a range of challenges in the workplace, including absenteeism, low employee morale and in some cases, even the need to fire an employee.

Employee dismissal and other problems of this nature can be incredibly sensitive, but knowing what action to take and the right processes to go through can help to ease your worries.

In some cases, the employer will need to engage in a conversation with the employee or employees with the issue. 

ER Strategies’ advisory services can help you effectively navigate the sometimes-complicated world of workplace issues and ensure you follow processes that minimise your risks and achieve a fair outcome for all parties.

  • If you have problems with staff absenteeism or questionable claims for workers’ compensation, it can be tempting to let the problem fester – but this can wreak havoc on employee morale and cause serious disruption to employee productivity.
    ER Strategies has years of experience in dealing with workplace issues related to absenteeism, and our practical, pragmatic and legal approach can help you develop long-term solutions to prevent these problems from cropping up again.
  • We can offer invaluable guidance when it comes to disciplinary discussions and can help you not only react to problems as they arise, but also get the right processes in place to prevent them from happening again.
  • ER Strategies can also represent your interests in the event an unfair dismissal claim is brought against you. We specialise in providing support to employers, offering you defence from attacks and assistance in reaching a successful outcome.

Preventing workplace issues

One of the best ways to prevent workplace issues from cropping up in the first place is to have the right policies and procedures in order from day one.

By laying the foundation for a productive workplace and ensuring you meet your employer responsibilities in terms of compliance obligations, you are taking a proactive approach to addressing workplace issues.

From drafting effective and clear employment contracts that explain the obligations and rights of both employers and employees to providing additional information in the form of staff handbooks, policies and procedures, there are a number of ways you can prevent employee issues.

You’ll also want to ensure that new employee inductions are carried out effectively, as research has shown that when new starters are extensively trained from the beginning, they will be more productive in the long-term.

ER Strategies can carry out an HR Systems Analysis Review, which helps you to create an effective HR infrastructure. This outsiders’ view can identify any areas of non-compliance, make recommendations and help you to set out a comprehensive HR action plan.

We can also review your current induction strategies, helping you set out specific processes and checklists to ensure your newest employees get off on the right foot.

How can ER Strategies help resolve workplace issues?

When it comes to successful, effective employee management and the resolution of workplace issues, ER Strategies is on hand to help.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals and meet their employer responsibilities by helping them better manage their people, and our values are focused on integrity, teamwork, accountability, honesty and excellence.

Whether you are looking to resolve an existing problem or are putting proactive measures in place to prevent workplace issues from arising, we have the skills you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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