Here's how to keep young workers compliant:

Keep young workers on the right side of the law

Businesses that decide to take on young workers need to make sure that their recruits are aware of their rights and obligations.

Most states and territories throughout Australia have restrictions on the age that young people can be employed, so it is essential to check this before recruiting staff.

One of the issues that can arise with younger employees is that they might not be fully aware of the laws that apply to their employment. So it is the employer who needs to check compliance.

All new employees are required to be issued with a Fair Work Information Statement. It is also common sense to outline their entitlements to personal leave, annual leave and payment of their wages.

Referring them to the staff handbook is a good way to ensure they have a point of reference if they ever have any further queries.

As with all employees, make sure that young workers are given a safety tour of the premises, as this is something they might not otherwise be familiar with.

Ensuring they have adequate training in all areas they will be operating in is likewise important to avoid workplace injury and ensure the safety of other employees.

One issue that some employers could encounter when they take on younger staff is workplace bullying via “initiation ceremonies” or similar practices – it is therefore essential to address any problems before they escalate.

Managers must ensure that they keep an eye on the performance levels of young staff – letting them know what is expected of them from the outset is a good way to keep the situation in check.

An effective way of making sure they meet the necessary criteria is to give them a series of goals to meet, which in turn should help with employee management.

Regular assessments are a good means of making sure young workers are meeting the requirements of your company, whilst receiving the development they need to want to continue working with you.

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