Never Underestimate the Spurned Employee

Never Underestimate the Spurned Employee

Over the years, we have assisted some clients who have had particularly difficult experiences with employees whom they have dismissed (generally before they spoke to us) or wanted to discipline for some reason. In these cases we are talking about, the employee has set out on a path of destruction against the hapless employer, driven by what appears to be rage or at least a desire to get even at any cost.

Take an interest in excess sick leave

excess sick leave (2)

Staff who regularly take sick days without repercussions are likely to continue doing so – this will have a negative impact on other workers who may soon start to follow suit, or feel aggrieved because they are at work doing the right thing. There are several theories on best practice when it comes to dealing with absenteeism, but the key is for employers to show an interest.

Mobile phone usage policies


We are continually relying on our mobile phones and other mobile devices for everything from checking the weather to keeping in contact with each other on social media. With such a high reliance on mobile phones, chances are your business has had issues with employees using their phones while they should be working.